Bulgaria Property Investment

Describes the kind of real estate available for investment in Bulgaria, as well as how to close on a deal and what to expect in the Bulgarian property market.

Investment property in Bulgaria is currently experiencing an upward trend, as the Eastern European country has proven to be an economical stronghold in recent years. This may surprise some who remember the country as a former socialist nation with little stability, but its growth is steadily climbing and its membership with the European Union (slated for 2007) will only solidify the ground Bulgaria’s gained. Since the late 1990’s the country has shed its former self and begun a new life that includes prime real estate opportunities. Bulgaria property investment is extremely desirable right now for investors and those wishing to find a nice holiday home.

What kind of real estate is available for investment in Bulgaria? Surprisingly, it is a diverse landscape with a famously warm climate. Those picturing a Siberian climate in this corner of Eastern Europe will be pleased to know that Bulgaria boasts a perfect location for a sunny day on the beach. Its shores along the Black Sea look like something out of a Californian surfing movie! Tourists flock from neighboring European countries each year and the appeal continues to widen. Investment property in Bulgaria is prime for a romantic resort, house or apartment building. The English have known this for years and many enjoy the Bulgarian beachside properties.

In addition to clean, beautiful beaches, Bulgaria has mountainous ranges with the ideal climate for winter ski holidays. Bansko and Borovets are the two most famous Bulgarian ski resorts. They are not only famous locally, but have gained notice among avid skiers all over the world. Hiking trails are enjoyed by millions of tourists a year, as well. The natural wonders of Bulgarian real estate properties have caught many by surprise. With the countries good standing in the foreign property market now, this means that all construction has increased in quality, as well. This investment opportunity shouldn’t be a well-kept secret for much longer, however.

Financial forecasts have the Bulgarian property market advancing over 30% in the next year alone. However, those eager to dive in headfirst should thoroughly research their Bulgaria property investment. Some areas are more desirable than others. For instance, smaller towns with more room for growth will offer lower investment prices than the capitol of Sofia. It is best to consult with someone who is familiar with the area and who will have little bias concerning an investors decision to purchase Bulgarian real estate. English translators should be available for hire through various tourism offices.

Bulgaria is in an early development stage for real estate investors, which means that this is the perfect time to act. A newly reborn country with much to offer the world, Bulgaria property investments offer more than just a great view of the mountains and beaches. They offer a great return for what will be a most affordable purchase. Bulgaria is considered to be one of the fastest advancing European nations and with tourism increasing 50% in the past five years, it doesn’t appear that business will slow down anytime soon.

Written by Amy Cottrell for OverseasPropertyNet.com

Saturday 22nd July 2006

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