Off Plan Property Bulgaria

Defines what off plan property is, as well as how one can make a lucrative investment with it in Bulgaria.

Off plan property in Bulgaria is a wise choice for investors at this time. A newly reborn country, the steadily stabilizing nation is at the beginning of a real estate boom. Prices are low, the land is attractive and the time to buy Bulgaria off plan property is now, should one desire to take advantage of these conditions. A projected membership with the European Union in 2007 has Bulgarian construction projects becoming more valuable by the minute. Buying now means getting in while it is most affordable.

To buy “off plan” property in Bulgaria means to buy into a property before it is constructed. There are many advantages to this kind of business deal, particularly in Bulgaria, because the real estate market is steadily rising and not projected to plateau any time soon. If one were to sign a contract for the construction of an apartment building, it is conceivable that this complex will be worth much more by the time it is finished. That is why timing is crucial with Bulgarian off plan property.

One of the disadvantages of off plan property deals is the risk of falling value before the construction is finished. As previously noted, however, analysts only predict a rising market for property in Bulgaria. Another disadvantage of off plan properties is the time one must wait between signing the deal and seeing the finished project. However, this isn’t too much of a concern for investors, as they are most likely not going to move into the property themselves.

After construction is complete, an investor can decide to hold onto their investment or sell immediately for profit. Depending on the project and location, holding onto the property for a later sale may bring in the best return. Off plan apartments, hotels and ski resorts should only go up in value for the years to come, particularly if they are located in a desirable area. Many financial advisers are telling investors to hold out on selling their off plan property until Bulgaria officially becomes a part of the European Union. This event should make all property even more valuable.

Bulgaria off plan property is usually one of the following: coastal property along the Black Sea or ski property in the mountainous region. Off plan apartment projects are predicted to bring in great returns for investors, as the tourism in Bulgaria is steadily increasing. Many Europeans enjoy short flights to Bulgaria for vacationing on the beach in the summer or at a ski resort in the winter. Likewise, off plan ski resorts are as popular as off plan apartments right now. Skiing in Bulgaria is gaining recognition from enthusiasts all over the world.

When looking for locations to build off plan Bulgarian properties, one should consider the areas proximity to tourist attractions. The most lucrative areas to build are often ones that have easy access to beaches or ski slopes. However, the further one travels into the countryside, the more affordable the land. Finding the greatest deal often involves a compromise between seclusion and overpopulated towns. As always, one should thoroughly research any property before making a purchase. It is essential for an investor to travel to Bulgaria in person and get a feel for the country. Being familiar with off plan Bulgaria property means saving oneself from a bad investment.

Saturday 22nd July 2006

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