Buying Property in Florida

A look at the diverse landscapes that is Florida real estate. Includes the pros and cons of certain areas in The Sunshine State.

Buying property in Florida is often a dream for those wishing to bask in the warmth of the Sunshine State permanently. Already a tourism cash cow for America, Florida is also a real estate boon. It is the fourth most populated state in the country and home to many immigrants who wish to enjoy life in America. Hundreds of miles of beaches and a nice coastal breeze can make a residence in Florida seem like a permanent vacation. It is no wonder that many regard this state as where most people intend on retiring to one day.

There are many kinds of property to buy in Florida. One doesn’t have to be rich, famous or retired to enjoy the states palm trees and hospitable neighbors. With places like Orlando nearby, there will always be an opportunity for a fabulous family vacation each year, too. Whether one wishes to purchase a condo, apartment or house, there are properties to fit every lifestyle and budget. Like any other highly populated state (particularly one on the coast), Florida is extremelyt6e5 diverse and each neighborhood is very different from the next.

The most affordable property to buy in Florida will be inland, rather on the beach. However, there can be good deals along the coastline, too. Southern cities tend to be more relaxed and hospitable and may have better insurance rates. Those looking for a fast-paced city lifestyle will want to try Miami or the East coastline. It is important to conduct a lot of research on the different areas of the state before buying property in Florida.

When buying property in Florida, one should contact a local real estate agent and request to be taken to various properties. One suggestion is that a person rent a condo or home before purchasing it. This will help someone get a feel for the home and neighborhood. Busy towns can mean high crime in certain areas, so it may be wise to find a gated community in Florida. Crime watch committees and homeowners associations can be powerful allies against what would otherwise ruin a great experience in a wonderful state.

The most important thing to remember when buying property in Florida is to not be convinced of something based on superficial appearances alone. Many people arrive in the state and become entranced by the beautiful sunshine and tanned bodies. One should always be careful in his/her selection and take things slow with a real estate agent. Buying a home or condo because things look great on the surface can get someone into trouble. Conduct research on the neighborhood and take into account the need for repairs and such (mold count is high in Florida due to the humidity). However, proper research will ultimately land someone his/her dream property in Florida.

Written by Amy Cottrell for

Sunday 23rd July 2006

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