Living in Florida

A close and unbiased look at life in Florida, particularly its cost of living and which areas to avoid when relocating to The Sunshine State.

Living in Florida is a dream to many and those that relocate to the Sunshine State will find that a lot of people there aren’t natives either. With real estate being such a hot market in Florida, there are plenty of incentives to make the fourth most populated state ones permanent home. Not only will one find living in Florida to be pleasurably warm and sunny, there are many tax breaks and incentives that make the cost of living in Florida quite manageable for most people.

The average temperature in Florida is a mild 73 degrees Fahrenheit, making it warm, but not too warm. With the sunshine that the state is so famously known for, residents enjoy many outdoor activities. Hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline makes living in Florida the perfect opportunity for ocean lovers. Boating, skiing and surfing are all part of the Florida experience. In addition to water sports, golfing is a favorite for local residents and a huge boon to Florida retirement living. Golfers often dream of someday retiring to Florida and playing golf fulltime and thanks to the states reasonable cost of living, this dream can easily become a reality.

The cost of living in Florida, although quite reasonable in comparison to most American states, is as diverse as the people in it. Although many inland and southern cities enjoy cheap rent and low insurance rates, larger cities and tourist hotspots can run a bit steeper. Homeowners should try to take advantage of living in Florida by applying for a Homestead Exemption, which could save a lot of money each year. However, one will have to be proactive about applying for the exemption, as real estate agents rarely hold anyones hand through the process.

In addition to a Homestead Exemption, there are many other financial incentives to living in Florida. There is no state income tax, which can be a great relief to residents who were used to one in another state. There are opportunities for some substantial tax breaks in the Sunshine State, should one qualify. Senior citizens often take advantage of the tax breaks, which only heightens the experience of retirement living in Florida. South Florida, in particular, offers low cost of living for seniors and a friendly group of neighbors to enjoy it with. There are many communities in Florida that are designated for only people ages 55 and over, should a person consider retiring there.

Living in Florida offers many opportunities for those looking for a sunny paradise with affordable housing. Local attractions, such as amusement parks, fishing charters and golf courses, offer endless fun for residents of The Sunshine State. With tax benefits and no state income tax, almost anyone can afford to relocate to this diverse and attractive land. One only has to contact a local real estate agent to be introduced to many desirable properties for sale or rent. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, who wouldn’t want to live in Florida?

Written by Amy Cottrell for

Sunday 23rd July 2006

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