Cheap Property for sale in France

A guide to finding cheap property in France, including the places one is least likely and most likely to discover a good deal.

There is cheap property for sale in France, provided one knows where to look. Many people assume that investing in a country like France will be beyond their means, but that simply isn’t true. In fact, many who have a bit in their savings find that they can buy cheap French property with cash; no mortgage necessary. Of course, it is all about location, which is always the case in real estate.

There are two areas that an investor will probably not find cheap property for sale in France: South France and Paris. Those are the most popular tourist areas and richest places in the country. However, there are many affordable properties in the countryside. Not only is that a bonus, but also many foreigners agree that the people are friendliest and most hospitable out in the country.

  • When looking for cheap property in France, an investor should keep the following in mind:
  • There are some areas of France that put restrictions on foreign investments
  • A house should be the minimum size for comfort in order to be the most affordable
  • Property away from the coast and tourist attractions will be the cheapest
  • The same property that is away from the coast and tourist attractions will appreciate in value less
  • The French have a convenient and affordable rail system for travel, which is more convenient than renting a car

Should an investor wish to live in the residence they are purchasing, it may be advisable to rent the establishment for a few months before buying it. Many sellers, particularly the more laid back ones in the countryside, may arrange something like this with an investor. After the buyer decides he/she is pleased with the cheap property they have found for sale in France, closing costs and paperwork must be dealt with. Closing costs usually equal about 10% of the purchase price.

Provided the cheap property is within a persons means, the real estate could be bought with cash and from there, completely owned by the investor. However, not everyone can afford to do this, even with really cheap property in France. Mortgage lenders are abundant in France and a reputable one should be able to offer a competitive and fair interest rate. However, one should always compare interest rates before going with one bank.

It is possible that cheap property won’t appreciate in value as quickly as other, more expensive real estate. However, that doesn’t mean that a person can’t enjoy living in the establishment and it also doesn’t mean they can’t get a good return for their money. If cheap property in France is bought for the purpose of investment, there are always willing tenants in the area. A little remodeling could even increase the value of the cheap property, so one should never dismiss a piece of real estate based on its current market value. Regardless what the property is bought for, France will only continue to attract many tourists and visitors, so any real estate in the country is desirable real estate.

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Friday 21st July 2006

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