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There is a lot of prime golf property for sale in Spain at this time. An increase in tourists and expatriates, combined with a beautiful warm climate, equals the perfect setting for world famous golf courses. Neighboring Europeans, particularly the British, are coming to Spain in droves each year to enjoy a golf vacation. Some find the land so enchanting they opt to stay permanently. Whether golf property in Spain is bought for personal use or investment, a buyer should find the locations very pleasing.

The World Health Organization has long recognized Spain for its year-round sunny climate. This is a great bonus for golf enthusiasts, as the weather allows for golfing through every season. The Costa del Sol region, in particular, is a Mecca for golf lovers (some affectionately refer to the area as Costa del Golf). Many will recognize the Spanish course named Valderrama, which has hosted several major international tournaments. What could be better than owning golf property in Spain for investment or residence?

When visiting Spain, there is a plethora of golf tours provided to fit any kind of budget. Likewise, local real estate agencies will be happy to take willing investors to various golf properties for sale. From homes to hotels, many have found Spanish golf property to be a solid investment. With low interest rates from Spanish banks and the soaring property market the nation is enjoying, investing in this kind of real estate can lead to huge returns.

Why buy golf property in Spain instead of something closer to the beach or rural countryside? The advantages to living in a golfing community are great, thats why. One can simply jump in a golf cart and ride out onto the course from the comfort of their stay. Also, where there is a golf course, there are wonderful country club amenities. Tennis courts, pools and luxury dining often accompany a golfing neighborhood. Social residents will also enjoy living near like-minded people.

Since the late 1980’s, new golf courses have been sprouting up all over Spain. One may wish to buy off plan golf property in Spain, should they find a new golf course being built. However, there do exist golf mainstays, such as in Almeria, Calalonia and Murcia. Wherever one decides to buy golf property in Spain, now is the time to invest. Analysts are predicting a continued property growth for years to come, making Spain a real estate boon, as well as a golfers paradise.

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