Investment Property in Tenerife

A description of what to expect from investment property in Tenerife, including the capitol gains and local legal systems. Includes a guide to buying property through local real estate agents.

Investment property in Tenerife is currently experiencing a reliable growth of approximately 10% each year. This makes for a sturdy investment for those who are interested in some desirable overseas property. Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife was formed long ago by a volcanic eruption. Since then, the island has become lush and diverse in landscape. Those who visit often note how similar Southern Tenerife is to Florida. That is because the two locations are even in latitude. Investment property in Tenerife enjoys a healthy gathering of tourists each year because of the lovely, warm weather.

Those who are interested in buying investment property in Tenerife will glad to know that the areas laws are observed in a modern, civilized manner. Many people are often concerned about the safety of moving overseas to an exotic location, but Tenerife is considered safe. This should entice investors, as well as their potential tenants. In addition to a civilized legal system, Tenerife boasts many familiar styles of food for expatriates. The British, in particular, are often happy to find some dining that is close to home. Also, many on the island, despite the fact that Spanish is the official language, speak English.

Investment property in Tenerife is easy to come by, as the local real estate market is enjoying an upward trend. There are many local real estate agents that speak both Spanish and English. They are all very eager to help investors find the perfect location on the island. Likewise, local banks are eager to assist in mortgage loans, should an investor not plan on paying in cash for the property. From apartments to large villas, there is investment property in Tenerife to suit all lifestyles and budgets.

Since the cost of living is relatively cheap, investors find that traveling to and from the island is practical when business needs to be dealt with. In fact, like many tourists, a lot of investors find Tenerife to be a modern day paradise and decide to move there themselves. For those who are strictly looking for a profit and not a long term rental arrangement, then buying off-plan investment property in Tenerife is a good option. Off-plan investing means buying a property before it is built. Since the market is so good on the island, most properties will greatly increase in value by the time they are finished and can be sold for profit.

The combination of a gentle climate, friendly citizens and increasing market value makes investment property in Tenerife a great opportunity for anyone. The real estate market on the island is projected to increase in wealth for years to come, as is the tourism industry. Together, the two help each other thrive in this beautiful paradise. Also, the welcoming citizens of Tenerife are eager to meet their new neighbors and friends. Many investors may come to the island to invest and then find it very hard to leave.

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Sunday 23rd July 2006

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